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You'll listen to an English grammar lessons. Then, there are some questions for you to practice what you have learned. You can listen to the lecture as many times as you want. It also has tape-script for you to listen and read.


Lesson 01. Articles (a, an, the) introduction

Lesson 02. Indefinite articles (a, an)

Lesson 03. Definite articles (the)

Lesson 04. Zero articles

Lesson 05. Present continuous

Lesson 06. Present perfect

Lesson 07. Present perfect & past simple

Lesson 08. Present perfect continuous

Lesson 09. Future plans

Lesson 10. Will & going to

Lesson 11. Future predictions with 'going to'

Lesson 12. Simple Passives

Lesson 13. Continuous Passives

Lesson 14. Present Perfect Passives

Lesson 15. Uncountable nouns

Lesson 16. For and since

Lesson 17. Agreements with auxiliary verbs

Lesson 18. Because and because of

Lesson 19. Between and among

Lesson 20. Disagreements with auxiliary verbs

Lesson 21. -ed & -ing adjectives

Lesson 22. Have something done 1

Lesson 23. Have to and don't have to

Lesson 24. Indirect questions

Lesson 25. Let and allow

Lesson 26. Must and mustn't

Lesson 27. Need + verb-ing

Lesson 28. Question Tags

Lesson 29. Questions with 'like'

Lesson 30. Regret

Lesson 31. Wish + past perfect

Lesson 32. Reported Questions

Lesson 33. Reported speech

Lesson 34. Second conditional

Lesson 35. Should have

Lesson 36. So and Such

Lesson 37. Still, yet and already

Lesson 38. Subject - verb agreement

Lesson 39. Subject - verb agreement 2

Lesson 40. Time prepositions

Lesson 41. To, for, so that

Lesson 42. Unless

Lesson 43. Used to and didn't use to

Lesson 44. Verb, object, 'to' + infinitive

Lesson 45. Zero conditional

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